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Baseball Book Review: Taking the Field

"Megdal has hit a home run with Taking the Field. No sophomore jinx here. Taking the Field is basically three books in one. The main premise of the book is Megdal’s campaign to become the General Manger of the New York Mets. But the book is far more than that. Taking the Field is a historical review and analysis of the history of the New York Mets baseball club and many of the players that have been a part of the team over the years. It is also an autobiography of Megdal, from growing up as a Mets fan in Philadelphia to writing about the team to this day. Taking the Field is everything a baseball book should be. I read it page-by-page and simply could not put it down. After completing Taking the Field, I was left with many ideas and thoughts on the Mets and baseball. I was left craving more. A sign of a talented author that excels at his craft."