Citi Field without Baseball, Part 2


Welcome to Steinbrenner High School
by Jim Caple

"Philadelphia's Eric Bruntlett ended Sunday's game against the Mets with an unassisted triple play, prompting this take on "Baseball's Sad Lexicon" (better known as Tinker to Evers to Chance) by Howard Megdal on the Amazin' Avenue blog:

This is the saddest of possible word

Bruntlett to Bruntlett to Bruntlett
Killer of rally in season absurd
Bruntlett to Bruntlett to Bruntlett
Vicious line drive that seemed destined to drop
Giving the Mets chance to come out on top
This year's indignities simply won't stop
Bruntlett to Bruntlett to Bruntlett"



WMNF - Jewish Radio on Florida's West Coast

The Sunday Simcha
June 14, 2009

...Howard Medgal, author of The Baseball Talmud, an excellent book compiling some of the greatest Jewish baseball players of all time."



WFAN - The Fan - Sports Radio 66

The Overnight with Marc Malusis
Saturday, April 18th

"Howard Megdal of the New York Observer and SNY joins Moose to talk about the Mets, Yankees and his new book "The Baseball Talmud."



The Jewish Week

The Jews of Summer
by Jonathan Mark

"Megdal comes up with the kind of gems that Topps put on the back of bubble gum cards."

Pick Me Up Some Mets!

The Baseball Talmud
Review by Zoe Rice


Struck Out Looking

The Baseball Talmud
Review by Melanie Greenberg


Mets Minor League Blog

Maple Street Press Mets Annual 2009
Recommended by Toby Hyde

"I know, catchy title, huh? The annual went on sale Tuesday. Make sure to purchase this annual, which has contributions from many fine writers, and me and is all Mets, all the time. Greg Spira and Matt Silverman edited the book. Personally, I’m looking forward to reading Ted Berg and Howard Megdal’s contributions."


Baseball Books

The Baseball Talmud
Review by Baseball Books Blog


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